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How to Manage Large Lists in SharePoint 2013

How to Manage Large Lists in SharePoint 2013 We all faced it one or many times when we work SharePoint Lists. " The number of items in this list exceeds the list view threshold " How do we solve it?  Can SharePoint Manage lists with more than 5,000 items?  Yes , SharePoint is able to manage the lists with thousands of items. but there is a catch! you need to plan your list in advance. What is this List View Threshold? Most of the time we understand this concept in a wrong manner, then we think SharePoint does not support lists to have more than 5,000 items. SharePoint Allow us to keep thousands of items in a list. This list view Threshold is the value which SharePoint will display items in a single list view. When you try to display your list items in SharePoint List view without a filter, it will bring you all (maximum 5,000) the items in to the page. Once items are loaded, SharePoint will prepare the pages and display the data for you. (by d