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SharePoint 2013 Site Response Time- Home Page - PowerShell

I wanted to Verify the response time of the all home pages of my Entire Farm using PowerShell Script. with little bit of Google I was able to find out all the required components for me to come up with the Response time of the Each site home page for entire Farm few of the key sections which I was looking in google were Response time $TimeResponse  =  Measure-Command  -Expression {                      $Response  =  invoke-webrequest  -Uri  $web .Url  -UseDefaultCredential ; Basic Logic of the Script is based on Response code (200 for success) I'm writing in to a text file about the time taken to response from web site home page. Entire Script came up as follows including Logs Add-PSSnapin  Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell [ System.Reflection.Assembly ]::LoadWithPartialName( "Microsoft.SharePoint" ) >  $null cls; $timeStamp  =  Get-Date ; $startTime  =  $timeStamp .ToString ( "yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm:s" ); $ExecutionID  =  $timeSt