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Get-SPFarmDetails Get SharePoint Farm Configuration Information

As part of upgrade process I had to document all my UAT, Prod and DR farm details. Instead of going each server/farm and writing down all Farm Information, was able to come up with below functions with little help of Microsoft Documents about PowerShell. In below Example I have written multiple PowerShell Functions to read each section Managed Paths , Web App Information, Out going Email information, Application Pool Details (both Web Application and Service Applications) Each function will create Separate Out put CSV file Application Pool Information Below Get-AppPoolDetails Function will read and log both Web Application and Service Application Related Application Pool information in to a CSV File Function   Get-AppPoolDetails {      $spwebApplications  =  Get-SPWebApplication ;      #Get Web Application Related Application Pool Information    Add-Content  -Path  $AppPoolOutput  -Value  " App Pool Type|WebApplication or Service| App Pool Name| App Pool