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Extract Documents to Folder based on Managed Metadata Column - SharePoint

  How to Extract documents from Multiple Document libraries in to Folders. Each has a Managed Metadata Column with Sub Terms. I have created three Functions to  Download Document Create Folder Main Method Addition to above, script will log the Document URL and destination Folder Path in .log file Create Folder   Function   Create-Folder {      param  ( $folderPath )      if  (!( Test-Path  -path  $folderPath ))     {          New-Item   $folderPath  -type directory     } } Download Document ( this is stolen from Stackoverflow 😁 ) Function   Download-Document {      param ( $web ,  $folderPath ,  $docItem )       #File Download Snippet Reffered From :        $File  =  $web .GetFile ( $docItem .Url )          $Binary  =  $File .OpenBinary ()          $detinationPath  =  $folderPath  +  "\"  +  $File .Name ;          $Stream  =  New-Object  System.IO.FileStream( $detinationPath

How To Fix Nintex Workflow Activation Error

Enabling Nintex Workflow Feature failed I wanted to Enable the Nintex Workflow Features for the newly created web application. The moment selects the web application and click ok to Activate the feature, below error appeared. Different Posts on Nintex Community was saying different options for the same error. On of those was database Logical name was different than source Farm DB. But in my case even I make database logical names same, it did not work for me. Then I had to check with Nintex Support for further details and they helped me to get the solution Sorry, something went wrong Warning: Unable to add the application pool account to the Nintex Workflow database. If you have permissions problems, contact  for assistance. Technical Details Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Correlation ID: be63519f-6822-4080-8d49-03863e6e0832 Date and Time: 5/11/2020 6:06:34 PM This was due to two reasons   Farm account did not has enough

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